Cartridge 1

A high quality 5.0 Micron PP polypropylene cartridge that filters out sand, slit, rust and small impurities or insects, acting as screening process.


Cartridge 2

A high quality GAC “Granulated Active Carbon” cartridge which aims at filtering out and reducing Chlorine levels.


Cartridge 3

A high quality CTO “ Chlorine, Taste & Odor” cartridge, consisting of a Carbon Block which aims at further reductions of chlorine levels, organic gases and unwanted water taste, ensuring the filtration of the second stage.

Cart 4

Cartridge 4

A high quality “Dow” Membrane with the capacity of 75 Gallons in TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) reduction.

Cart 5

Cartridge 5:

A high quality Coconut Carbon that enhances taste and odor.


Cartridge 6:

A high quality “Calcite” which acts on minerals and pH adjustments.


Cartridge 7:

FIR – Increase oxygen in water which improves blood circulation.

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