The most popular Reverse Osmosis System

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With our high quality standards we ensure that our 7-Stage RO system is like no other.


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Hidden under your sink

With TANK RO Pure 7 stage purification system, your countertop is free. The unit is ideal for under the sink installation.

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Up to 300 liters Per Day

TANK RO Pure is a complete water treatment system that purifies water not only from sand, slit, taste, odor, rust, gases and bacteria but make sure that excess Salts and Minerals (TDS) that are harmful to the body are filtered out and replaced with needed minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc and Iron.

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After Sales Service

Worry free with TANK RO Pure System. We offer installation and manage the change of cartridges through one of our professional After Sales Service Team when needed. Call us on 16016

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TANK Cartridges – The Heart of Purity

The secret of top quality TANK Filters lie in the high end and top quality TANK Cartridges that we offer with our filters. Made only out of the purest and highest grade material, TANK Cartridges ensure you trusted filtration cycles that you can rely on. Cartridges are available off the shelf in all major stores.

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