TANK Ultra Pure


A compact Off the shelf water filtration solution,
that Cartridge replacements are conveniently available In stores.


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Ultra pure for five filtration process

The five complete stages in Ultra Pure are responsible for filtering your water from Sand, Slit, rust, small impurities, chlorine and gases. Moreover it adjusts minerals & PH in the water. With an easy adjustable stainless steel food grade faucet, water is fresh, clean and ready to be enjoyed.

Filter Ultra Pure 2

Up to 500 liters Per Day

The perfect solution for purifying tap water to provide clean water for drinking and cooking for daily use without the need of electrical power.

Filter Ultra Pure 3

Hidden under your sink

With TANK Ultra pure, your countertop is free. The unit is ideal for under the sink installation.

Filter Ultra Pure 4

Hang on your wall

No space under the sink? It’s easy to hang the Tank Ultra Pure on the wall.

Filter Ultra Pure 5

TANK Cartridges – The Heart of Purity

The secret of top quality TANK Filters lie in the high end and top quality TANK Cartridges that we offer with our filters. Made only out of the purest and highest grade material, TANK Cartridges ensure you trusted filtration cycles that you can rely on. Cartridges are available off the shelf in all major stores.

Filter Ultra Pure 6
Filter Ultra Pure 7