About Minlo

Know Our History

Today, minlo employs approximately 1,000 staff operating in Egypt. minlo’s main Export Markets are: Levant, KSA, Morocco and Central Africa.

Our Story

A journey of success since 1989

1989 Minlo was one of Olympic Group companies

1989 minlo - used to be one of Olympic Group companies – started its operations pioneering in the field of water jugs and ice boxes with a diversified product range under the name of ‘Olympic Electric’ brand.

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2001 New Brand "TANK"

Later in 2001, the product was re-branded under the brand name (TANK). TANK soon became the market leader in the water coolers category in Egypt, with its new design and sizes. By time and due to the frequent high growth level the company was achieving year over year, TANK was ready to spin off and become a stand-alone company.

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2005 minlo was officially stand-alone company

In 2005, minlo was officially announced as a stand-alone company handling all operations for Tank coolers and became the market leader in Egypt.

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2007 New range for ice boxes

2007 was a new era for Minlo as it extended its coolers category by launching a whole new category of ice boxes.

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2007 New range for water filters

Meanwhile, minlo also expanded its water solutions by entering the water treatment industry through introducing its residential water filters, both mechanical and reverse osmosis categories.

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2008 Became the sole distributor of Braun products

In 2008 minlo became the sole distributor for Procter & Gamble (P&G) their (BRAUN) brand in Egypt.

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2010 Koldair

In 2010 minlo acquired the largest brand of electric water coolers in Egypt: (KOLDAIR), and introduced a range of water dispensers and stainless steel water coolers, further expanding its water solutions range and minlo's leadership in the market.

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2017 UNO

Minlo also owns the famous brand UNO.

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2017 Minlo is the market leader

Within a couple of years minlo became the market leader (#1) not only in the coolers and ice box categories but also in the water filters and dispensers industry.

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2017 Filters Cartridge Localization

As Tank Filters & Cartridges celebrated their 10th Year in the Market, full localization was introduced in 2017, producing the Tank Cartridges at minlo’s State of The Art Manufacturing Facility with International Standards.

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2018 Koldair Dispenser Localization

Koldair Dispenser Localization and New Range Introductory Yet another milestone for minlo was the full Water Dispensers localization for its Brand Koldair and the introduction of a new Product Portfolio.

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2019 Koldair AC Launch & New Bottles Range Introductory!

Increasing Koldair’s Brand Equity, 2019 marked Koldair’s Category expansion in to the A/Cs Market with a highly performing Air Conditioners Product Range. Tank’s new breakthrough was in its Water Bottles Category, introducing a newly designed Personal Insulated Water Bottle with unique features and benefits that is one of it’s kind in the market.

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Minlo’s horizon includes Consumer Products that enhance the wellbeing and convenience of Consumers in their everyday life.