TANK Power 3 stage


New Tank Power – 3 Stage Filter with MicroShield® Technology, provides healthy

premium drinking water as it filters out 99.9% of Impurities, Silt, Insects, Rust, Chorine, Gases, Organic Materials, Taste and Odor.

Widely available Tank Power Replacement Cartridges.







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Antirust base:


Anti-Rust Base – Food Grade Plastic Base ensures hygiene & easy clean.

Filter Extra Pure 2 Copy

Tank Power 3 stage for 3 filtration cycles


The Three complete stages in Tank Power 3 stage are responsible for filtering your water from  Sand, Slit, Rust, Small Impurities, Chlorine, Gases, Organic Materials, Taste and Odor. With stainless steel food grade faucet, water is fresh, clean and ready to be enjoyed.

Filter Extra Pure 3

Up to 500 liters Per Day


The perfect solution for purifying tap water to provide clean water for drinking and cooking for daily use without the need of electrical power.

Filter Extra Pure 4

Plug and Play Filter


No need for professional installation, Tank Power 3 stage comes with a faucet adapter for self-installation and easy switching between tap water and Tank Power 3 stage filtered water.

Filter Extra Pure 5 Copy



Now it’s so easy to hang Tank Power 3 stage Thanks to new plastic durable hangers innovated from Tank.

Filter Extra Pure 6 Copy

Tank Power Cartridge – Heart of Purity


New Tank Power Cartridges are 2X Stronger than any other water filter cartridge, filtering out 99.9% of Impurities, Chlorine, Taste, Odor and Organic Materials.

Filter Extra Pure 8
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